Dr. Rüdiger Söhnen

Law studies in Berlin, Cologne, Bonn and Tübingen, doctorate in Constance, judge in Constance and Offenburg, evaluation of Baden-Württemberg’s single-level judicial training, keynote speaker of the Berlin Senate Administration for Justice, director of the Kamenz, Bischofswerda and Dippoldiswalde district courts, chairman of the jury court chamber and civil chamber (includes responsibility for press right) at the Dresden State Court, chairman of the honorary committee of Saxony’s Chamber of Architects, chairman of a civil and family senate at the Dresden Higher Regional Court (including responsibility for arbitration), third arbitrator of several courts of arbitration. In addition, Dr. Rüdiger Söhnen has also completed a mediator training, established internal court mediation in Saxony, is a speaker of many years of the NeuenRichterVereinigung (association of judges) and the State Association of Saxony and since 2011 an independent mediator and lawyer and chairman of the arbitration committee of Saxony’s Chamber of Architects.