The Deutsches Medienschiedsgericht (DMS) resolves disputes between media companies.

Up to now, conflicts affecting the media have been resolved at administrative and civil courts in appeal stages – frequently involving a very lengthy process which often became obsolete due to technical developments.

In 2016, the Deutsches Medienschiedsgericht (German Media Arbitration Court) was founded in Leipzig based on the idea of ​​creating a platform for the settlement of these disputes. The aim is to resolve disputes much faster and thus more economically for those involved. The prerequisite is that the parties involved in the dispute agree to ask the German Media Arbitration Court for an arbitral verdict.

In addition, there is also the possibility of carrying out arbitration proceedings and preparing arbitration reports. The arbitration rules are the basis for the work of the DMS.

Until 31 December 2020, an sponsoring association was the point of contact for interested parties to the conflict. Since then, Media Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig has taken on the task of establishing contact with the judges of the German Media Arbitration Court. If you are interested, please use the contact details attached here:

Medienstiftung der Sparkasse Leipzig

Herr Martin Fiedler


Telefon: +49(0)341-5629662

Telefax: +49(0)341-5629663