Prof. Dr. Matthias Siegmann

A lawyer of the Federal Supreme Court, Prof. Dr. Matthias Siegmann (born 1964) was, from 1993, an independent lawyer in Karlsruhe after his studies, doctorate and professional training in Freiburg im Bresigau. In 1998 he founded a partnership specialising in major civil cases. He has been an approved lawyer of the Federal Supreme Court since 2007. Here his areas of specialisation include the fields of responsibility of the I Civil Senate (copyright and competition law) as well as the VI. Civil Senate (right of freedom of speech particularly in the media sector). In addition, he also regularly works as an arbitrator in arbitration-based proceedings in accordance with various arbitration rules. He has been a lecturer at the Faculty of Law of Heidelberg University since 2009. Here he was named honorary professor in 2016.