Prof. Dr. jur. Jan Bernd Nordemann LL.M.

Prof. Dr. jur. Jan Bernd Nordemann, LL.M. (Cambridge) (born 1965) is a lawyer specialising in copyright and media law and industrial property protection and honorary professor at Berlin’s Humboldt University. He studied law in Berlin, Gottingen and Cambridge. Supported with a grant from the Association for the Promotion of Science and the Humanities in Germany, he completed his doctorate on antitrust law with Prof. Immenga in Göttingen. He has been working as a lawyer for BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT in Berlin since 1997.

Prof. Dr. jur. Nordemann is a proven expert particularly in copyright law where he has extensive professional experience as a lawyer in the fields of internet, film, sport, photo, press, publishing, stage /theatre, design and construction. He is also co-editor and co-author of “Fromm/Nordemann”, one of the leading commentaries on copyright law in which he has written on topics including copyright contract law and film law. He is also author of numerous chapters in the standard work “Loewenheim, Handbuch des Urheberrechts” (a copyright handbook). As co-author, he annually reports in the legal magazine NJW about the latest developments in copyright law in legislation and jurisdiction. He gives lectures on copyright law at Berlin’s Humboldt University and seminars at the German Lawyers Academy. He has been appointed by the EU Commission and federal government to several committees as an expert in copyright law. For many years, the JUVE Handbook has listed Nordemann as one of Germany’s leading copyright law experts.

In the field of antitrust law, Prof. Dr. jur. Nordemann works at the interface to intellectual property rights. In the well known commentary on antitrust law “Loewenheim/ Meessen/ Riesenkampff/ Kersting/ Meyer-Lindemann”, he wrote the commentary on the application of antitrust law in industrial protection rights and copyright law as well as the commentary on the sale of press publications (Pressegrosso, § 30 Law Against Restraints on Competition). In the field of trademark law and unfair competition law, Prof. Dr. jur. Nordemann has contributed his legal experience as a lawyer and co-wrote the well known standard work “Nordemann, Wettbewerbsrecht – Markenrecht” (about competition and trademark law).