Prof. Dr. Dieter Dörr

Professor Dr. Dieter Dörr, born 17.4.1952 in Tübingen, holds the chair for public, international and European and media law since 1. October 1995 and, since 1st January 2000, is also the director of the Mainz Media Institute. After studies at Saarland University he completed his first state law exam in November 1977 and the second state law exam in May 1980. His law doctorate followed in April 1983 at the Faculty of Law and Business Studies of Saarland University. In July 1987 he qualified as a professor at the Faculty of Law of Cologne University. From April 1988 to February 1990 he was a guest professor and then professor at the Institute for International Affairs at Hamburg University and, from March 1990 to September 1995, held the position of legal advisor at Saarland Broadcasting. Furthermore, he was also the director of the Institute for European Media Law in Saarbrücken from October 1994 to end 1999. In March 2000 he was appointed member of the KEK (a commission which aims to secure plurality of opinion in broadcasted television programmes) where he was the board chairman from October 2004 to March 2007. On 1. October 2003 he was appointed judge, as a secondary appointment, at the Koblenz Regional Appeal Court. His main areas of research include national and international media law. He has written numerous monographs and articles on media law, is co-author of a commentary on the Interstate Broadcasting Agreement and a standard textbook on media law and is co-editor of a publication series on media law.