Prof. Dr. Christoph Degenhart

Prof. Dr. Christoph Degenhart (born in 1949) holds the chair for public and administrative law as well as media law at the Faculty of Law at Leipzig University. Besides constitutional law, his academic areas of specialisation also include media law. From 1998 to 2010 Prof. Dr. Degenhart was authorised expert member of the media council of the Saxon State Authority for Private Broadcasting and New Media (SLM) for which he most recently also realised a project on “Convergent media between the European Union, Federation and the Federal States” (SLM publication series Vol. 27). He is author of more than 300 publications in various areas of public law specialising in constitutional law and media law including a commentary on Article 5 of the Basic Constitutional Law in the “Bonner Kommentar” which will shortly be published in a revised edition. Prof. Dr. Degenhart has professional experience as an appraiser, in particular forensic experience as a judge of the Constitutional Court of Saxony where he was initially deputy member and, since 2010, full member as well as legal representative in various proceedings in front of the Federal Constitutional Court where he was the representative of various states, the federal government, Mehr Demokratie e.V. as well as BITCOM in front of the constitutional courts of various states and the Federal Administrative Court. Memberships include: Study group for press law and freedom and, as an appraiser, has been invited to various hearings in front of committees of the Bundestag and various state parliaments including for press and broadcasting law related questions.