Michael Gaul LL.M.

Michael Gaul was born on 11.03.1973 in Cologne. He studied law at Cologne University and finished his studies in February 2002 with the successful completion of the first state law exam. This was followed by legal training from August 2002 to September 2004 at Cologne Regional Appeal Court, in the Bonn Regional Court office which he finished with the successful completion of the second state law exam.

From October 2004 to September 2011 Michael Gaul was a lawyer at the Cologne law office “Lungerich & Lenz” which has been operating under the name “LLS Lungerich Lenz Schuhmacher Rechtsanwälte” since January 2010.

From October 2008 to September 2010 Michael Gaul successfully took part in the opening year of the extra-occupational master’s course “Media Law and Media Economics”, newly launched by the Research Centre for Media Law at the Technical University of Cologne. He successfully completed this course in September 2010 with the title “Master of Laws LL.M.”

From 01.10.2011 Michael Gaul worked as Manager Legal & Business Affairs for Endemol Deutschland Holding GmbH. Since 01.07.2014 he has been the Senior Manager Legal & Business Affairs and also Associate Head of Legal & Business Affairs of Endemol Deutschland Holding GmbH which has been operating under the name Endemol Shine Group Germany GmbH after the fusion of the production companies Endemol Deutschland GmbH and Shine Germany GmbH since 1. June 2015.

Since May 2003 Michael Gaul has also been a member of the court of arbitration of the West German Hockey Association and since May 2011, its chairman.